Autonomous retail platform using computer vision for frictionless checkout


VR platform creating interactive, virtual concert experiences



Organizes energy data and employs big data analytics to generate real-time predictions that create actionable data

Azul 3D

A leading-edge 3D printing company, transforming manufacturing with proprietary High Area Rapid Printing (HARP™) technology


Next-generation bioreactor with data-based optimization


Brings real-time decentralised data across multiple networks for you to view, compare, and track token data

Boston Materials

Manufactures Z-axis Carbon Fiber products that can revolutionize the $130B+ lightweight materials market

Capra Biosciences

Biotechnology company harnessing biology for efficient and low-carbon production of everyday chemicals


A cloud-based platform built for subcontractors and general contractors to automate change order processes and eliminate paperwork


Develops an AI-based machine listening system designed to understand the semantics of audio

Collab Asia

A next-generation global media company built from APAC's largest multi-channel network service

Debut Biotech

Vertically-integrated synthetic bio platform combining ingredient discovery, scalable production, and related brand creation


Developer of an electrolyzer technology designed to help in the affordable production of green hydrogen


Robotic data platform to remotely operate autonomous systems, observe fleets, manage at scale and transform data into business and fleet insights


A bio-design company specializing in the production of animal-free designer collagen using cellular agriculture and proprietary fermentation techniques


A digital visual content platform delivering studio-quality images and videos without long photo shoots



Developer of a self-constructing knowledge database used to accelerate discovery and education


Developer of energy analysis software designed to optimize energy for data-driven buildings

Healthy Together

Healthcare application platform that unifies the objectives of government programs and the needs of residents into a single platform


A direct air capture company permanently removing CO2 from the atmosphere


In-home user testing (IHUT) platform with a community of testers (“highlighters”) and a tool for companies to design surveys and analyze feedback

Homepro Pay

Helps contractors run more efficiently, get paid faster, and make more money per project


AI-powered research tool to gather product feedback from real users


Operator of a fund management company and digital asset gateway intended to offer cryptocurrency services

Inlyte Energy

Striving to lead the way in cost-effective grid storage (4-8hr) by developing a battery that uses readily available iron and table salt.


Developer of blockchain interoperability protocol designed to connect disparate blockchains

Loft Orbital

Space made Simple. Space infrastructure as a Service


Machina Labs

Combines AI and robotics to rapidly manufacture advanced sheet metal products

Mitra Chem

Developer of advanced lithium-ion battery materials designed to accelerate the lab-to-market timeline of batteries


Mysten Labs

Web3 development group and creator of Sui, a next-gen Layer 1 blockchain network


A global payroll and contractor management platform enabling compliant payroll services for web3 businesses


Developer of a no-code platform designed for NFT commerce


Digital freight forwarder streamlining imports and exports between LatAM and the rest of the world



Connects TradFi to DeFi by enabling transparency with compliance to unlock frictionless capital flows


Sustainable bottled water brand reducing single-use plastics


Machine controlled plant and cooling system operations driven by closed-loop reinforcement learning AI

Princeton NuEnergy

Provider of lithium-ion battery recycling services intended to perform diagnostics of second-life batteries


Platform using machine learning to compress and optimize 3D files


Red Leader

Hardware and software company building HD software-defined lidar systems for 3D mapping


Develops advanced battery control solutions, which increase the lifetime and reduce the cost of battery storage systems

Resilient Power Systems

Provides best in class power converters such as DCFC supercharging stations in a box and renewable H2 energy power converters

Shop Circle

Next-gen operator of e-commerce tools


Uses artificial intelligence to create flying drones that are used by consumer, enterprise, and government customers


Soil Connect

SaaS-enabled Marketplace for Dirt Solutions in the Construction Industry



A new category of construction software - Intelligent Project Tracking. Cameras and AI automate the tracking of work onsite

Titan AES

Provider of ultrasound-based battery management solutions


Provider of risk management solutions for construction finance lenders allowing for real-time insights, streamlined draw approvals and loan health scores

Valis Insights

Better data, better recycling; empowering recycling plants to extract value from untapped data

Validation Cloud

Web3 infrastructure platform that delivers elite, high-performance node and staking infrastructure


Develop microbes & bioprocesses that enable profitable & eco-friendly production of chemicals from renewable sources such as sugar