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Technology is rapidly transforming traditional industries.

Advancements in digitization and automation are transforming conventional operating models, and in some cases, giving rise to entirely new business verticals.

We support the emerging technologies of today that will empower the leading industrial businesses of tomorrow.

Digitalization of Industries

The relationship people have with energy is evolving. 


We want to ensure that everyone has access to affordable and clean energy. We invest in the future of energy, from generation to consumption.

Energy Transition

Climate change is real.


We are looking for technology that restores the sustainability of our planet - from carbon capture to recycling and alternative proteins. We seek solutions that allow consumers to play part in driving sustainable changes or ones that scale improvements for industrials

Climate Tech

Tae is the founding member of GS Futures. Prior to forming GS Futures, Tae held various roles at GS Shop, including Corporate Finance, Oversees Business Development and Venture Investment. Since 2015, Tae has been in the Bay Area to sense, invest in and collaborate with leading US technology companies of strategic interest to GS. Tae received his BS in Science, Technology & International Affairs from Georgetown and his MBA from Stanford University.

Taehong Huh

Before joining GS Futures, Christine worked at tech companies across various stages. She was a product manager at Coupang, an operations specialist at Facebook, and marketing manager at CalmSea.  Christine received her BA and MBA from Stanford University.  In her free time, she loves playing classical piano, golfing, and discovering new bakeries.

Christine Kim

Nael-Pierre co-founded GS Futures as part of the inter-affiliate team at GS. He previously managed European investments at GS Holdings and led MENA investments for GS Shop, serving on the board of Eyewa. Prior to GS, Naël-Pierre ran his own enterprise between London and the Middle East. 

Naël-Pierre Nuseibeh

Prior to joining GS Futures, Zach worked in a variety of corporate development and strategy roles within Samsung Group and Kakao Corporation, while being based in Korea.  He began his career in the investment office of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, where he helped oversee venture capital and private equity investments.  Zach received a BA in Human Biology from Stanford University and an MBA from Columbia Business School.  Outside of the office, he enjoys playing jazz piano and basketball.

Zachary Keats

Prior to joining GS Futures, Jay was a management consultant at Monitor Deloitte, where he helped companies in the consumer retail, energy, and healthcare sector on various projects including growth strategy, new business development, and go-to-market strategy. Jay received his BA from Northwestern University and MBA from Stanford University. In his free time, he enjoys playing golf, going on road trips, and visiting local wineries and breweries.

Jay Kim


Who we are.

GS Futures is an early-stage corporate venture arm of GS Group, a leading Korean conglomerate that has built multibillion dollar businesses in the Energy, Construction, and Retail sectors dating back to 1966.

By openly collaborating with GS and world-changing teams, GS Futures strives to create a better tomorrow for future generations. In addition to capital, we support current and future partners by providing access to our global network of experts, partners, and operators. 

Whether for investment, business development or commercial relationships, we would love to talk to you about how to collaboratively disrupt for a more sustainable, resilient and healthy future.

Consumer behaviour is changing.

The relationships we have with products and services are interactive, rather than transactional.

We look to invest in companies that make commerce personalized, seamless and accessible

Future of Commerce

What we focus on


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